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Category: Take Action: It’s your DEEDS not your duds!

Shero: Julia Garcia, age 19

FEATURED SHERO: Julia Garcia for her incredible artistry and powerful message.
“While always open to individual interpretation, the intention I had with this painting was very specific. It is the first in a body of work using animal iconography and the human form to comment on society’s warped ideals concerning physical beauty, and the ways in which we contort ourselves in pursuit of it.” -Julia    (acrylic on linen, 30″x40″)

What you can do to solve the problem: GET FIERCE!

There are many ways that you can affect change in your world.  Remember that you hold great power with your ability to vote with your dollars and this will go a long way toward making you a leader in affecting change. Here are a few suggestions:

  • every time you buy a magazine with unrealistic beauty ideals you are giving the editor your THANKS – be careful who you support!
  • Get Fierce! Boycott stores and products that sexualize girls and teens!
  • write letters to editors of magazines.
  • write to tv networks, show creators – they listen to feedback.
  • Do a Media-Detox.  Turn off the tv/media for a few days or a week if you can.
  • encourage your friends to see through the illusion. Ask your teacher to host a screening of Cover Girl Culture.
  • go without make-up!
  • Take back your power: YOU decide your happiness not a number on a scale or your wardrobe!
  • build your self-esteem so media won’t be able to prey on you. Self esteem is like a muscle; you have to flex it to strengthen it.
  • parents – you are your child’s role model. Be mindful what you say about your body and how you speak about others.  Your child learns what is valuable in a person from you.

Complaining about the problem is no longer enough — we have to stand-up and take action now!
Current petition online:  VS is marketing lacey thongs to teens and girls. Stop them.

Botox truth – Kill animals and be Wrinkle free for 3 months!

The truth the plastic surgeon is keeping from you when you get botox or any injection for facial muscle relaxant to have less wrinkles or lines is that a large number of animals are killed for EACH batch of BOTOX made for you!!!  The technical term is LD50 = lethal dose 50%. Meaning the drug batch can be allowed for use on humans only once no more than 50% of the animals die from it!!!!!

Humanity over Vanity!

What they should legally have to tell your vanity is this “Here is your box of dead bunnies — congratulations you have a less wrinkles for 3 months. Come back and we’ll kill a bunch of kittens for your face.”
In 2010 the Humane Society stepped in and demanded the companies manufacturing Botox stop the practice of LD50.  Some are working towards this request. Still millions of animals have been killed in the past decade so women can have less wrinkles.  Other popular drugs on the market have yet to comply or make an effort to stop LD50.   PLEASE get used to lines — we have to draw them to keep our humanity.  It’s more valuable and attractive then your vanity.

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