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Beware the Band-Aid trick

I bought some joke band-aids that look like a strip of bacon and my husband uses them. The joke is on me because they look gross and he wears them to make my skin crawl.
Band-aids = to cover boo-boos. Advertisers, fashion designers, image makers all use ‘band-aids’ in subtle ways so most consumers think they are being sweet, but really it’s a temporary move to appease us – and somehow we believe they’ve had a change of heart.
I call it the BAND-AID trick. ie) fashion mags put out their REAL BODIES issue once a year . Somehow they have tricked us into believing ONE issue with a handful of ‘normal’ sized young women counteracts 11 issues filled with ultra thin, ultra airbrushed models. Now that you know – write a letter or stop buying the mags – be part of the solution! It’s easy to do…liberating!
Another similar tactic used is called the BAND WAGON – grab onto the latest hot fad and spin your celebrity, product, story, cause to include the fad and ride the wave until the next one comes. Even if the next fad is completely the opposite and contradicts the first. If being green is hot – go with it. Showing real bodies – go with it ie) celebs managers will have to spin a new image for them if they wind up in the clink, caught with drugs, missing their panties, video taping carnal acts and releasing it to the public… The managers either have their ‘client’ lay low for awhile and then release news stories about how they’re now supporting the GREEN Movement — (while driving an H2) or check them into a hospital for exhaustion or addiction to red bull or some nonsense.
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