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My musings on misbehaved media

To kick things off I have to start with something positive. England.
What’s positive about England?
They are DOING something about the media mayhem that has terrorized young girls and women for decades.
/></a></h6> <h6>It seems the Brits are ahead of the curve....let's hope it catches like wildfire.  (thank you Lisa Tan for the tip on this news story)</h6> <h6>TO NAME A THING.<br /> I  really had a challenge choosing a BLOG name.  So many good ones were  already taken and floating unattended since 2002.  My good friend Julie  suggested Mangled Media - which was very tempting.  Then she suggested  Make Herstory!  I snapped it up just moments ago.</h6> <h6>HOW DID I GET STARTED ON THIS PATH?<br /> I've  been interested in media literacy or bringing to light certain media  groups manipulative ways since taking a class in 10th grade.  Maybe even  before this, but I know for certain the concept took root during high  school.</h6> <h6>In tenth grade, I  had a terrific teacher who taught a class called

Thus began my career as a writer and documentary film maker. My first doco is entitled ‘Cover Girl Culture’ and was made with great trepidation because I knew very well the level of ‘sinister’ that operated within the system and thought it would be pointless to pursue. But an unseen force guided the way, doors opened when others thought it impossible and I was teamed up with exactly who was required to make the film happen. Now the hurdle is getting the word out about the film and have the media help do it! ha ha

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