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What do you FEAR?

Most media prey on your fear. The only way to outsmart them and drop off their radar is to overcome your fear.
Media preys on people’s fear of not being loved. Period.
Describe it however you like:
‘not fitting in, not being accepted, not succeeding, being teased, being ignored, being rejected, not being cool, not having the girl, not having a boyfriend, not being married, not hanging with the ‘in’ crowd, not being rich, not being famous, not being known….’
Conquer your fear of not being loved and you’ve disarmed the media.
Easier said than done.
How does one overcome their fear of not being loved?
First you have to commit yourself to the idea that you are worthy of being loved, you are lovable and you can love yourself unconditionally.

How do you that?

There are many tools available. None are for sale.
Free? Yes, free.
But nothing free comes easy, right? It takes effort, patience and dedication. Some people require hard lessons to get them to take action and others realize they deserve to love and be loved.

Those who have to reach a threshold in order to take action may finally realize one of the following: they  are in enough pain, have gone through enough sadness or feel enough anger in order for them to find another way out than what they’ve been trying.
The easy part is making the choice to change your reality. Know there IS another way and it involves a lot of happiness and love. 🙂  Roll up your sleeves, dig deep and prepare for an adventure into thyself.  To thine OWN self be true. (cliche but it applies in discovering how to love yourself)
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