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How do you inspire women to love their bodies?

Before you can love your body you have to love yourself.  You can’t love yourself from the outside in….

Start closest to your heart and move outwards.  To reach the outer you must love and approve of WHO you are.

What you look like is secondary.   A perfect example is if you take a fashion model or celebrity who is “beautiful”, according to society, yet who is unhappy.  They have the LOOK but they don’t love themselves on the inside, so the outer doesn’t matter. So clearly the package isn’t the secret to happiness.

Take a look at what’s keeping you from loving yourself.
Get some paper and start writing down the things you LOVE about yourself and things you dislike.
BE HONEST – the only way to lift yourself is to plough through the old beliefs and dislikes you have.  Address everything you are unhappy about, in yourself.
Even something like “I don’t like my handwriting, my voice or I can’t do _____ as well as so and so.”
It’s called ‘negative self-talk’.  It plays like a broken record in your head unless you upgrade it with positive, loving thoughts/feelings.  (without faking it)  In order to reach the loving thoughts/feelings about yourself you need to dig deep and heal.  Just choosing to do this is a symbol of self-love and acceptance in action.
But also make a list of the things you LOVE about yourself.  Sometimes this is the easier place to start for folks.  Others find writing the stuff they dislike easier  — just remember to write what you love about yourself.  If you can’t think of anything – ask friends/family what they love about you. It is important you find something yourself as well.

Take a look at the things you wrote that you don’t like about yourself. Play detective and get to the bottom about why you believe this about yourself.  Ask yourself questions.

Why did you invent that you weren’t good enough?  Why are you not worthy of _____?

When did you start believing or feeling this way?   How do you feel about not being worthy?
Get real with yourself and figure out what caused you to believe these things?
Once you have a list of substantial things you dislike – write down the opposite belief.
ie) I hate how I can’t do _____ well.   UPGRADE = I embrace my ability to do _____ to the best of MY ability.
I enjoy doing ________ .     I love and APPROVE OF MYSELF.   Rinse, repeat as many times as you can every day.
Maybe you wish to improve your ability instead of just embracing where you’re at:  ‘I choose to improve my ability to do________ and I lovingly allow myself to grow and learn in this skill. I may screw up a few times but I will persevere and eventually figure it out.”

We have good days and tough days.  Emotions play a part so be mindful of days when your emotions are intense or unsettling. Take note of when this happens (what triggers them) and you will better learn the ebb and flow of your emotions and master them with greater ease instead of feeling tossed about when they change.  For me, the one thing that can offset my emotions is my monthly cycle.  But  over the years I’ve become aware of this and I have practiced being mindful of signs that my emotions are being swayed by hormonal shifts in my body.  Doing so has allowed me to master my mood.  Another emotional rocker is stress.  Stress about work, health, finances, relationships….and we all have our share in varying degrees.  We do have a CHOICE about how we REACT or respond to stress.

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