Cover Girl Culture

Where would we be…

Where would we be if Mother Teresa obsessed about her robes and her looks for hours each day?

What if Madame Curie didn’t spend enough time in the lab and instead was in front of a mirror?

Or if Sally Ride was worried about her weight and focused on her waistline instead of academics and pursuit/dream of being an astronaut?

What if Nelson Mandela was concerned about his wardrobe and wealth instead of his soul and his country?

What if Oprah had just sought fame and media attention by misbehaving and promoting materialism instead of making the choice to help people find solutions to their problems, inspire people to overcome obstacles and follow their hearts?

Where would we be if Paris Hilton had a sense of true values and compassion for girls and young women? Or cared about and made an effort to help girls in third world countries? Was a volunteer for a community (not because of criminal punishment) or a Harvard grad student with honors in stem cell research?  She could clone herself…..just kidding.

What if…we were all less concerned, distracted and deluded by image?  What would we accomplish?  What kind of person would we be?

According to the latest research – other nations are surpassing our academic achievements by leaps and bounds both at the high school and college/university levels.  America is failing academically and in many other ways.  The richness of a nation is measured by it’s shining contributors to society and the world.

How can we inspire our girls to untangle from the media matrix’s web and be free of the distracting and misleading ‘values’ it peddles?

thanks to Trisha Graves for sharing this video!

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