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How to earn fame…

Most girls know of a few ways to attain the fame they desire.  Firstly, fame to a girl can mean being known by her peers, by her school, recognized by her community or the nation. Why do they desire this?  It’s human nature.  In Cover Girl Culture, Dr. Deb Burgard points out that in every culture the youth look to their society to see which qualities are upheld or recognized.  What their society values in a person.   Our culture has taught girls that being thin, pretty and the newest ‘value’ – being exy, will bring you recognition.  Toss in some bad behavior and you could make national news.  Oh fame.
So what can we do in our Cover Girl Culture to encourage another way to attain ‘fame’ and recognition?
Give them female role models who attain fame by noble methods.  Women who earn praise from society for truly valuable deeds.  Better still, entice them with people who are noble AND receive great financial boon for their deeds.  Oh ho!  This will make it easier for girls to follow their inner heart’s desire instead of the mindless road to fame that has been our country’s folly. This combination is ideal because girls discover they can earn a good living AND be the best they can be for their community and earn the fame they desire.
Let’s present role models who are young, middle age and senior to our youth.  Even showing conventionally pretty women who lead noble lives is powerful because it gives girls the message that being pretty isn’t enough for a fulfilling life.  The secret is in your deeds, your choices and your heart.
How do we get these women national press attention?  A conference?   A contest in which women are nominated?  What do you think?
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