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Rush Limbaugh’s warped sense of health for women (re: Michelle Obama)

Rush Limbaugh believes that any S.I. swimsuit model magically has a supernatural ability – to know what healthy eating and lifestyle is all about.
As a former Elite International model I can tell you this is absolutely ABSURD.  Rush may as well have said that he nominates the Sports illustrated swimsuit models for our Department of Health.
Thinness and Health are NOT RELATED.  This is a HUGE misconception in our culture.  We’ve allowed fashion designers and editors to be our health experts when in fact they have NO MEDICAL TRAINING.  They have pushed the body size standard for models from an 8 to a 6 to a 0 in less than 2 decades.  When I modeled the runway models were Cindy Crawford, whom I’ve worked as a double for, and she’s larger than I am.  According to today’s ‘fashion designer standards’ Cindy Crawford would be a PLUS SIZE MODEL.  What would Rush say about that?  Marylin Monroe – forget it – she’d be a ultra plus.  Things have got out of hand and mouth.  Rush needs to put one in the other and keep it there.
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