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Billion Dollar Beauty $ecret revealed…

How much do you spend a month on beauty products?
The average woman spends approx $30-50 a month of beauty products (hair, skin, nails) Many of the products are full of toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer, reproductive issues, developmental problems in children etc.
Why are we paying to pollute ourselves?
Oh, right, for the chance to look younger and healthier.

Well, I’m going to share with you the ONE beauty product that has worked for me and it’s 100% healthy, pure and will do more for you than $10,000 worth of skincare & haircare products.

Do you want to know what the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know?
Mother Nature makes it = WATER.
Pure, clean water will purify, cleanse and purge toxins from your blood stream and body – helping you look younger longer and keep your healthy glow.

People are amazed at how few wrinkles I have or they can’t believe my age — I attribute it to my water intake. I drink almond milk (due to being lactose intolerant) and organic fruit juice (diluted 4:1 water/juice). I sun tanned like most girls in high school and college and my skin has few wrinkles. Alcohol plays a part in dehydration so it’s important to limit this culprit. Genetics plays a part – yes. But drinking soda, coffee and high fructose corn syrup laden beverages will age you quickly over just pure clean water. Stress and alcohol are other big aging culprits. Stress is my only challenge since I have little alcohol and hate coffee (although I love the aroma).

NO amount of cosmetic cream will make you healthier or younger. They will undoubtedly age your body with the chemical cocktail that seeps into your body through your skin. Your skin is a membrane and the beauty products go INTO you.
Check out this AWESOME VIDEO about the toxic chemicals in beauty products and even childrens’ products. With the money you’ll save on beauty products you can donate to an environmental group, order a copy of my documentary, learn a new language, go on a vacation and so much more! And you will slow your aging process down!

Also check out this article about children going to spas!

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