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Why the price difference? Lending out my film hurts. Here’s why:

Many people scoff at the price difference of the HOME DVD and SCHOOL/LIBRARY.  When I started my documentary I didn’t know there was a price difference in DVDs sold to home vs schools/churches.  I had to become educated as to the laws and reasons why this is so.

What I learned:

One major reason is the number of people who will potentially watch the film at home versus at a school/library/church is drastically different. #2 reason is that it’s a PUBLIC SCREENING.

$29 allows home viewing – roughly 10 people will see it. Maybe more if you have a big family or a few friends come over.

$89 allows school/library/church – roughly 50-300 will see it in a year (x) times endless years.  This reduces the number of home copies sold and therefore the price difference. It works out to a few cents per viewer.

Some teachers/groups will download movies for free (illegally) and show it to large groups to the loss of film makers. We are a husband and wife team, not a massive film studio that can afford the loss of sales due to cutting-corners, piracy, theft or well-meaning sharing of my work. If you believe in our work – vote with your dollar and support us.  🙂

$265 for universities allows hundreds to thousands of students to see the film EVERY year for endless years.

Without sales I cannot continue to make documentaries.  My husband and I created this website ourselves and funded the making of the film over 5 yrs.  I handle packing/shipping of dvds, maintaining the website, logging footage for new projects, accounting, marketing and other far less exciting things.  If I were in this for the money, as one upset customer complained about the school price, I would have stayed in modeling or gone into another line of movie making. ;) This is my passion and I believe it to be a worthwhile one. Thank you for your support.  Also – what kind of lesson would it be to young girls to learn that I gave up on modeling to pursue a noble cause only to have people try to get my work for free, pirate my work or pass it around without payment?  What girl would want to follow their hearts and chose a noble path if that was an outcome? I am doing my best to educate consumers about the plight of indie film makers because there are many more in my shoes who struggle with the same issues — so I hope this helps consumers understand and support our work. I think the glitch is that most folks think movies are made by big studios and won’t care if they pass them around or copy them.  Once people understand indie film makers are individuals, like themselves, I think things will improve.

UPDATE: May 2011.
Due to too many teachers/librarians ordering the HOME USE dvd for their schools I’ve had to remove the option from Amazon and my site. This hurts individuals who wished to purchase a copy for their daughters/family to watch and myself.

Another issue that has come to my attention is many people are passing around my DVD to friends, with only good intentions.  What happens is that for every household you lend it to it’s a potential loss of sale.  A close relative enthusiastically informed me they lent it to 5+ families.  While her intent is purely to spread the message to girls, it affects my ability to continue as a documentary film maker due to lost sales.  If my film was embraced by media and purchased to air on TV or theatres I could afford to let all the ‘sharing’ slide.  Grassroots is how Cover Girl Culture is living and breathing.  Perhaps the solution is to ask those who ‘borrowed’ my film to make a donation of a few dollars to my work?   Many folks don’t realize that my husband and I poured a good portion of our savings into making this film over the last 5 yrs.  We hope to one day recoup it.

If you’ve ‘borrowed’ my film from a friend or shared it with several people I would appreciate a small donation since they didn’t have to buy it for themselves.  Perhaps this is a way to help offset loss of sales? Big studios can absorb such loses but it’s tough on indie filmmakers.

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