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When I was part of the problem…I falsely represented a perm

During my modeling days, back when I was part of the problem, I modeled for various companies/clients.
We never asked about the truth of the products or the methods of advertising.  We just got paid oodles to look pretty and not ask questions.
Here is a perfect example of just how utterly FALSE products can be. (my hair was NOT permed for this shoot)
Neither myself or the other model had our hair permed with the product advertised.  Instead they curled our hair with curling irons, teased it with combs and sprayed a can of hair spray on us.  So next time you consider buying a hair product – do not believe what you see as advertised.  Same applies to most cosmetics.  Modeling clients (such as this perm company) were not allowed to alter our look without express permission from agents.  Not even an eyebrow plucked without consent from our agent….seriously.  (silly, I know) Thus hair color ads are Photoshopped as are many other ads.  The worst offender and most obvious, at least to me, are mascara ads:  glued on lashes or Photoshopped lashes with bold claims of 60% longer lashes or 100X thicker!
This practice still continues today – false advertising, but now the lies are digitally enhanced.
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