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Pushing the envelope – singers resort to S&M, violence and near nudity to sell music. What’s next…

If sex sells and pushing the envelop are the keys to a successful media blitz campaign then what happens once we become desensitized to what ‘normally’ titillates, shocks and makes us gasp and whisper “What will they do next?”

Pop stars, celebrities, reality stars and the like are already nearly naked and violence in music videos is expected. Video truly killed the radio star.

My prediction is they will have to get 100% naked, perform soft porn and bestiality to compete for press attention.
And some will say “It’s art! The artist is brilliant at expressing our inner animalistic nature!” While others will boast “It crosses all race, gender and cultural boundaries and penetrates deep into our archetypal collective unconscious!” Hail the animal humping pop-stars who have blessed our planet. Come on people – quit protecting media stunts in the name of art.  Or my personal favorite, the argument that parents should keep their teens from seeing any of this.  It’s next to impossible to shelter a teen/tween from media! Some people believe parents are superheros. Media saturates our lives. If kids don’t see it at home they see it at school on their peers’ phones, computers…. It’s true parents are the first line of defense but media outlets who target teens and tweens get to grow up and take responsibility too.

Why have we forgotten that a singer earns the title ‘singer’ for their voice?  Aretha, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Momma Cass, Lavern Baker, Pasty Cline, Peggy Lee never had to bare their bodies and resort to S&M to sell music.

The mark of a TRUE vocal talent is that he/she can sell songs without music videos and nearly naked photoshoots of themselves.

Are there any young singers who can make this bold claim?

PLEASE tell me!!

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