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Big picture about media and what we can do to restore sanity.

The Media Matrix is a massive challenge to tackle.  How do we help it evolve into a healthy medium for society?
To evolve out of the Dark Ages of Media and into the Golden Age!

Thanks to lobbyists government involvement could take until the turn of the next century so that’s out.

So that leaves media and us.

What can media do?   Have integrity and be responsible for the messages it’s sending young audiences, especially in instances when teens and tweens are it’s main target or demographic. There are not strange machines running the media. It’s human beings, there is no longer an excuse for ‘these people’ to turn a blind-eye.

What can WE do?  Raise our children consciously and teach them media literacy among other key skills like how to be a kind, considerate, compassionate human beings.  Instill true values and be positive role models.  Discuss sex and sexuality and what it means.  Discuss the history of mankind and it’s failings and strengths.  Encourage them to find ways to contribute to our culture and world to leave it a better, more spectacular place. Teach them to be motivated by more than just money and fame.  This sounds idyllic and like a lofty, utopian dream but when our founding forefathers set out to create America they had just as big fish to fry.  If you can dream it – it’s possible.  Keep the bar raised – aim high!

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