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French Vogue Editors mentally ill: approved pedophilic images. Pedophilia is a mental disorder.

The definition of PEDOPHILIA IS:  As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary).

What is French Vogue saying here?  That they are a MAD magazine for the mentally ill?  Editors have approved a photo spread of a 10 yr old girl in provocative poses wearing make-up that give her a sultry come-hither look.  The images were produced by Tom Ford – what was he thinking?  What sane person would publicly submit himself to be labeled “a pedophile” by photographing a child the way he did? Desperate for press at the cost of a child’s emotional/mental well-being.  His actions contribute to the desensitization of society.  There is NO justification for this.  Many other companies and individuals in the industry are guilty of the same shameful, heartless act.

Yes, that is a plunging v-neck nearly to her belly button.

This is not a little faux-pas or bad taste; it is mental illness being promoted as fashion.  What shocks me is that most women are apathetic about the heinous images French Vogue and Tom Ford printed in the magazine.   Voices need to be heard, complaints filed, fines given, Ford banned from runways — anything, something! If women canceled their subscriptions that would be a HUGE step towards healing this issue.

Another issue that needs to be addressed:  What is wrong with the girl’s mother?  Jesus!  Is she thinking “My little angel is so sexy that grown men will get aroused looking at her. That’s how sexy she is and I will let the world know how important it is that she can do this.”   Mothers like this woman have issues around being noticed or feeling like she’s contributed to society.  It would be better if she put her daughter in Girl Scouts instead of allowing MEN to dress her up as eye-candy for perverts and pedophiles.  What an enormous disservice she’s done her daughter.  She’s equally as horrible as the mother who gifted her daughter with a boob job certificate for her 6th birthday and the mother who was injecting her daughter with Botox at the age of 7 or 8.  Folks will point out that a mere three cases of ridiculous mothers is not going to ruin mothers who have common sense and put their child’s health needs first.  But there are plenty of mothers who are copy-cats or who are desperate to get their daughters in the spotlight. They will see this behaviour as acceptable, especially when little is done to discourage it, prevent it or condemn it.

I’m 100% French and would never say “Oh, it’s just the French being obtuse and artsy.”  Pedophilia is NOT ART.  There is NO EXCUSE for these images. PERIOD.
French Vogue has no class, no taste, no style, and therefore has gone out of fashion. Let’s focus on solutions now that we’ve sufficiently fumed about the images.

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