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When fashion forgets its place…

Designer Karl Lagerfeld apparently has forgotten his place in society.  He is a tailor, he makes clothes.

He was quoted during a recent interview in Interview Magazine, in which he speaks with former French
Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld saying “it would be hard to have an ugly daughter” and that he doesn’t believe men should have children.

Normally this would be ignored as one individual’s opinion.  But since he’s one of the biggest fashion icons his opinion, sadly, has a lot of weight.   How many mothers will, upon hearing him, allow their vanity to harm their child’s self-esteem and health by having plastic surgery, botox or another twisted technique to hide or fix their daughter’s face?  I’d hope that NO sane woman would pay him any mind.  But I know there are many whose own insecurity and low self-esteem will become imprinted upon their daughter as they try to fix her looks.

We need to remember that fashion designers are TAILORS – they make our clothes. They don’t get to make our decisions about our health and well-being.

I hope anyone who hears of his utterly non-nonsensical comments has their eyes opened and realizes we need to take back our power, make our own educated choices about health, beauty and what is valuable in a person.

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