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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing & Timely, August 23, 2011
Carl J Sheusi (NYC, NY United States)
This review is from: Cover Girl Culture : Awakening the Media Generation (DVD)

I just finished watching Cover Girl Culture and feel a profound sense of gratitude for the powerful message put forth in this film. The film’s message honors the inherent beauty and goodness in all of us, especially our young. If this film was required viewing for all young girls and boys (and dare I say, most adult women and men) the world and it’s media outlets would be a more informed, empowering, and possibly enlightened place for this and future generations to inhabit and glean information and wisdom from. Girls and boys senses of self become brutalized by incessant demands to measure up to presented ideals of femininity and masculinity, which do not align with the highest ideals in Nature…all life is given freely and we have the choice to honor this gift with affirming images and messages or attempt to degrade it with demeaning and demoralizing content simply because it has “market value”. What market is worth a young person’s pride and belief in themselves as contributing members of society? Will one independent film tip the scales of decency and righteousness in favor of Spirit and bring the vapid money machine of mass media to a unequivocal and resounding halt in the present or distant future? Most likely not…and this precisely why this film is so important. If every person that sees this film feels empowered to make wiser and more compassionate choices of what they are willing to view and in turn broadcast in their personal style with a degree more sensitivity to the radical beauty of all living beings we may just lower the anxiety level of the planet a few notches and calm the jangled nerves of many more teen girls and boys starved for role models that feed their souls and not starve them like the models made up for a roles in fantasy worlds designed to hoodwink them into believing they belong in it.

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