Cover Girl Culture

Collection of some great reviews

Cover Girl Culture:

“A powerful and unrelenting critique of the marketing of sexiness to young women and even little girls.”
Joan Jacobs Brumberg
Author, “Fasting Girls: The History of Anorexia Nervosa”

Reminds others loudly that a true cover girl is one who is full of strength, power, confidence and compassion, not a vapid, thinned out display model used to sell self loathing to the masses.”
Dr. Robyn Silverman
Body Image Expert, Coach and Author, “Good Girls Don’t Get Fat”

A powerful teaching tool to deconstruct and uplift,…poignantly gives the girls’ eye view of the collateral damage in this fight for the hearts and minds of children’s perception of their own self-worth.
Amy Jussel
Executive Dir., Shaping Youth

“The documentary reveals the insidious reality of U.S. consumer culture and tells parents how to combat the beauty industry’s grasp on their daughters: Teach media literacy.”
Ms. Magazine

“Cover Girl Culture introduce(s) many constructs and themes essential to discuss in gender and women’s studies courses… Showing [it] at the very beginning of such a course would provide an excellent introduction to material that will be discussed in more detail throughout the course, generate students’ excitement and anticipation for the material, spark discussion…”
Tracy L. Tylka & Rachel M. Calogero
Sex Roles Journal

“I have treated Eating Disorders for 20 years. In that time, I have never come across anything that has the impact of ‘Cover Girl Culture’. The filmmaker did a brilliant job of exposing the media’s soul-killing influence on our girls today. I believe that all parents of girls should see this film.”
Kelly Boswell, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

“As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, I deal with the impact the media’s messages have on our girl. Cover Girl Culture is an eye-opening documentary I believe is important for girls in my troop to see.  We watched CGC in three parts with a discussion session after each segment.  I was amazed by the insights the 7th grade girls came away with regarding the mixed messages, hypocrisy and lack of responsibility the teen magazines and fashion industry churn out. They were so passionate about how important this message is that they chose this topic for their Journey Take Action Project.

These girls will never look at a fashion magazine or fashion ads the same way thanks to Cover Girl Culture. Because Girl Scouting is about building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place, our workshop built around Cover Girl Culture was the perfect place to set an example.

I feel this is a video not only for girls, teenagers, and young women, but one that every parent should watch. Parents and adult women need to understand and realize how their behaviors and habits impact their own self-esteem, their daughter’s and other young girls who are watching!” – ELISSA M. JACKSON, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Cadette Troop 2943

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