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Canadian Mental Health Board shares success of Nicole’s workshops.



Everyone wants to belong.  Everyone wants to have friends.  Everyone wants to fit in.  For some, this comes naturally.  For others, they struggle to the point it can affect their mental health. What is the difference?  Well, there is no one answer to that, but positive protective factors such as a properly stocked “emotional tool box” can definitely play a big part.  We also know that the world is changing faster than many of us can keep up.  The image media sells us as the ‘ideal’ image has changed over the years.  And so too has the number of times we see those images on a daily basis.

So what can be done?  There are many different ‘tools” we can put in our toolbox and seeing a Nicole Clark “Cover Girl Culture” presentation is definitely a “multi-use” tool for sure!

We had the great pleasure of hosting a week-long series of cover Girl Culture presentations in our region this past April.  Nicole travelled to our rural area on a veritable “road trip”, visiting 9 schools in 5 days.  The audience varied from a small group of Grade 6 to 8 girls to over 400 male and female high school students. Each time, Nicole delivered the consistent message of how to be a media renegade and how to have ninja self-esteem.

We continue to receive positive feedback from these presentations as well as requests to have her return to the area to visit to make additional presentations.  Although it wasn’t the intended message of the presentations, helpful discussions also took place about eating disorders before, during and following the presentations.  This was an unexpected result but very much an appreciated one.  Teachers and school guidance counselors continue to email us with reports of students who have approached them since to disclose about their body image struggles and as a result, in many of the cases, the students have been able to make that first step on the road to recovery. As an additional sign of how well the presentations were received, our local public school board ordered a set of the Cover Girl Culture workshop DVD’s for EVERY high school within the board, whether they hosted a presentation or not.

Personally, I appreciated the message Nicole brought to the girls in our area.  As someone who visits schools daily, spreading the message of what is good mental health, how important it is to have it and how to achieve it, I was totally impressed with Nicole’s presentations.  Her manner was completely professional.  She was flexible with any situation she encountered.  She fielded questions and responses from the audience with ease and poise.  In fact, I was so impressed with Nicole’s presentations, after her visit, I forwarded her information to all my colleagues across Ontario who do similar work.

I truly hope you follow through with your interest in booking Nicole Clark to come to speak to your youth via her Cover Girl Culture presentations.  The learning will be so valuable and have positive ramifications for a long time to come.  Please feel free to contact me at the contact information listed above for a more detailed reference if required.


Jackie Ralph

Owen Sound    •    Markdale    •    Kincardine    •    Hanover    •    Southampton

Jackie Ralph, Youth Mental Health Awareness Coordinator

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