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Vogue Factor: girls dying from eating disorders is part of the business. BS!

The former editor of Vogue Australia talks about how prevalent eating disorders are in the fashion world with a sort of cold, disconnected matter-of-fact attitude. She says the problem is that ‘eating disorders are HIDDEN’.  BS!  If you know they exist at all, DO SOMETHING! All the top designers should redefine beauty standards TOMORROW and show no favoritism to one body shape. All major fashion magazines support the designers TOMORROW in the global movement for healthy fashion instead of a toxic one.


It is so sad and aggravating that grown-ups in the fashion world sit back and watch girls slowly kill themselves without considering how THEY HAVE ENCOURAGED IT and rewarded it. They’ve done nothing to stop these girls from destroying themselves to “fit into THEIR unhealthy, deadly ideals.” You’d think that watching a girl dying before your eyes ONCE would snap you awake and make you stop it from happening to another. To sit idly by and let these children starve to be ‘thin enough’ is inhuman. Would you let these people near your girl?

Too often “adults” in the fashion industry see models as miniature adults — they are children who need wisdom and healthy guidance! In my books they are irresponsible, cruel and should NEVER be allowed to dictate anything to girls!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the impact the fashion world’s BS standard has on girls. I’m baffled that anyone would feed BS to girls and watch them die believing your lies and then shrug if off as not their problem, saying ‘it’s a terrible side-effect of fashion’. If sick and dying girls are a side-effect of your job I’d hope you’d reconsider and examine your heart and conscience — otherwise you’ve lost all shreds of human decency and should not be permitted near a girl. Soldiers die in wars — girls are not supposed to die for something so trivial as clothes and shoes! Where are the sane people in the world?? Why are we allowing these misguided, twisted people govern and dictate to girls around the world? It’s NUTS! Where are the parents of these girls, the gov’t, lawmakers?? It’s up to us- then– the people who are sane, who do CARE, who see girls as miracles, as light beings, worthy of kindness and love, as future healers of our world, as intelligent, creative, and brave humans who need guidance from WISE, INTELLIGENT, COMPASSIONATE adults. GET FIERCE – ROAR, Protect girls and teens when you see injustice happening!


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