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How Greatest Showman inspired me to come out of hiding and share a message with girls

Here goes….during a hike today I felt inspired to break my silence and speak up. TOTALLY RAW. I was inspired, oddly, by the movie The Greatest Showman. The song We Are Glorious is so powerful and so important – every lyric in the song I can directly link to my Media Renegade mission to help girls rise up, overcome the *negative messages they see/hear daily from negative media (not all media is bad/harmful) and media brain-washed people around them. Greatest Showman has a scene about being blinded by the lights, cheers and applauds from “social climbers/politicians” and forgetting whose cheers and delight he was creating his vision/dream for in the first place — his kids/wife and himself. The song We are Glorious is a very powerful song/scene in which rejected,cast-aside adults stand their ground (they sing about being cast aside, unwanted and bruised as children by the looks and words of others). This song and others in the movie have given me the inspiration to take up my heart’s call again – to do what I can do help champion healthy messages for girls – messages from the media – one of their main sources of gauging self-worth and what is valuable in life.

*negative media – messages/images that are about not being pretty enough, thin enough, sexy enough, measuring up to advertisers standards that are only attainable through computer enhancement. You get the idea and know the tirade.

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