Cover Girl Culture

Teens/Women self-worth linked to boob & dress size…

Does your boob or dress size dictate your happiness?

How many young girls today have learned they are valued in society for their bra size and dress size? When you get down to it – girls are learning their value is based on their ‘sexiness factor’ above all else.
According to Dr. Karyn Gordon, for every 1 negative message a girl sees/hears it requires 7 positive messages to override the negative one. That is a lot of positives required, especially since the average girl sees approx 400 images of what is considered beautiful and desirable in the media A DAY – WE HAVE SOME WORK TO DO to correct the messages.
How many times does a girl receive negative input about her body and appearance at school from her peers?
How many times does a daughter hear her mother complain about her own body?
How many times does a father comment on a woman’s body in front of his daughter? What message is that sending to her?
What are you doing to counter act this to help her self-esteem, sense of self worth and true value?
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