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Is the Holocaust sexy?

Is the Holocaust sexy?
Fashion designers and editors seem to think so! Time and again they promote ashen gray bodies, sullen sunken in faces, withered muscles…this is supposed to portray health to our girls and women??? Maybe if you’re a zombie or undead creature of the night.
The vibe I got while interviewing editors in NYC for my documentary was that the whole ‘real women/ real bodies’ campaign from Dove and other groups was a passing fad….an annoying one, like a pesky mosquito in the still of the night.
Nothing will change unless WE speak up. How can one person make a difference you ask?
With every dollar you spend. It’s an investment in the way women and girls are portrayed. Each time you buy a fashion magazine that promotes skinny models you are supporting the editors – you are basically saying “Here is my money, good job! I love how you prey on the self-esteem of young girls in our society.” Instead of buying a fashion magazine you can save the $5 or $8 and feed a starving child in a third world country. Send the fashion industry a message – by not receiving their message. Ignore them – give them the silent treatment.
OR write them letters – email, snail mail, faxes, tweet, FB, text them – however you can let them know they need to evolve and get off their strict diet of anorexic models.
here is the article about the above photo:
Another irksome issue is that these models are based in the US. So they have agents who are WELL AWARE of the problems with anorexia and pressures to be ultra thin. Sadly, most agents are concerned with one thing – booking the girl on a job. So we can’t look to them for help.
Clearly most agents/designers DON’T care about their models’ health or the message they are giving girls/women. *Thank you Lisa Tan for the article heads up!
There are a few agencies who hire only ‘healthy’ weight girls and they start from a US size 8 and go up from there.
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