Cover Girl Culture

Nicole’s Bio

Nicole Clark Mayor’s List Honoree
Appeared on CNN 2010 & 2011
Fox News 2012-2015, CBS News 2015
Media Renegade
Advisory Member to the Parent’s Television Council
Ongoing partner of Girl Scouts of Los Angeles 2011-2014
Nicole Clark, a former Elite International model, produced Cover Girl Culture to help bring about positive change in the media. She gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the fashion & advertising worlds and has become an expert on the impact the media has on our girls, namely the sexualization of girls, celebrity-hype, and the pressures on girls to be thin and pretty. Nicole’s mission is to create a CLEVER GIRL CULTURE!


She offers workshops to schools and youth groups. Nicole believes media literacy is essential in our media saturated culture. Children spend more time, on average per week, with media than in school and thus it is vital they know how to critically evaluate the messages they receive hundreds of times a day. “I wish the media was on our side and would stop undermining the job parents and educators are doing.””Girls listen to my message because I was there, in the modeling industry. on a global scale, and I am telling them the truth. Parents and teachers may tell them similar things but hearing it from a ‘former model’ helps the message sink in. It is time for media to step-up and be responsible about what is important in life and have integrity in the media/advertising world with regards to teens and children. Being thin, pretty, sexy, and having lots of ‘stuff’ is not what brings happiness. Yet this is the fervent message young girls receive hundreds of times a day.”Nicole is determined to reach as many girls as possible with her message in order to help girls understand how the media operates, the truth about size zero body-shape nonsense, to analyze celebrity culture, the power in critical thinking, and to encourage girls to become media renegades who have the ability to shape the media.
Nicole was chosen for the Mayor’s List in 2010 for her continued work empowering girls and raising awareness about the issues addressed in her film.  Nicole speaks as an expert for various groups, including the PTC. She is a contributing writer for Maria Shriver’s Open Field Network. Nicole is a new mom to a healthy baby girl – Nov 3, 2013. She is working on a second documentary and has finished a special supplementary DVD entitled Seeing Through the Media Matrix, to follow Cover Girl Culture. Nicole has been on CNN ‘American Morning’,Fox News, CNN’s The Joy Behar Show (Aug 2011), CTV Canada AM, CTV Provincewide, was featured in Ms. Magazine and several radio shows including NPR’s Charlotte Talks, the Laura Ingraham Show and many more. Co-author of two acclaimed children’s books that teach emotional intelligence “The Oceans of Emotions” and “Adventures in Dreamtime”.

John Clark Nicole & John created and maintain this website. Nicole handles everything for Cover Girl Culture, workshops, orders, and press when time permits.

CO-PRODUCER: John Clark, supported Nicole in bringing Cover Girl Culture into the world. John is keenly aware of the need to help awaken girls and women to the manipulation and disempowerment that has gone unchecked for so long. Over the past two decades John has worked in the commercial industry in Miami, Orlando and Los Angeles where he worked on music videos, print campaigns, national commercials. John met Nicole in Miami (over 15 yrs ago) and shortly after they married and set about creating products to help children and parents. John also has an animated feature optioned at Sony Imageworks and teaches Dynamics at Gnomon School of Animation. He currently works at Sony Imageworks as a layout supervisor.  New in fall 2012! John offers Wise Guy Workshops for boys in elementary school and high school. He has a degree in History & Education from UCF. John spoke on Fox News Oct 2012.