Cover Girl Culture


An award-winning feature length documentary.
Cover Girl Culture explores how the worlds of fashion, advertising, models and celebrity impact our teens and young women. Who sets today’s standards for beauty and how are these standards affecting individuals and society? Who is responsible? What values are we teaching our children? Are there ways this can be changed? If so, who can and will change it?

  • Shocking interviews with fashion editors from major NY magazines.
  • Eye opening interviews with top agents,designers, models, advertisers and many more.
  • An important issue addressed is the sexualization of young girls in the media/advertising.
  • A strong focus on SOLUTIONS.
From posing in pages of magazines to exposing magazines comes documentary filmmaker Nicole Clark, a former Elite International fashion model turned champion for young girls and their self-esteem. Nicole gets in the face of the media and advertisers calling for responsible media for our youth! “We must act now to save an endangered species – empowered girls and young women!”
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“…an informative and clever approach that sets it apart from other films on the topic.” – Video Librarian
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a companion guide to
Cover Girl Culture
Seeing Through the Media Matrix is a companion guide to Cover Girl Culture.  An in-depth program based on the topics and solutions examined in Cover Girl Culture.  Newly released footage of key insights, wisdom and tips from experts and girls in Cover Girl Culture, presented in short movie clips on over 20 topics.
Each clip includes activities or though provoking messages for your groups or daughter(s) as well as a special section strictly for parents/educators.
Seeing Through the Media Matrix contains powerful tools for any girls’ group, classroom or home. Help girls see through the media matrix and reclaim their power, increase their critical thinking, self-esteem and enrich their sense of worth. Loaded with invaluable tools for parents and teachers alike.