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Download Nicole’s Workshop/Presentation Information here. (a pdf file)

Nicole offers two workshops for girls and teens. She presented at Girltopia: Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary event.

Seeing Through the Media Matrix: Cover Girl Culture: – Grades 9-12 Take back your power! The media is a strong presence in our lives. Make sense of the images and messages bombarding you daily. Learn to DECODE ads and become a media Renegade!  Watch short media clips from “Seeing Through the Media Matrix” and gain a better understanding of subtle manipulation the worlds of fashion and celebrity can have on you if you let them. Learn the difference between true confidence and false confidence. Immunize yourself against media manipulation!

How to Get Kung-Fu Self-Esteem! – Grades 5-8

Former Elite model shares how she kept her strong self-esteem no matter what the media told her or her peers! Hi-YAH! Includes learning to decode ads, celebrity pressure and why it is important to build critical thinking skills.

BOOK NICOLE FOR YOUR EVENT NOW! Get a quote. Nicole provides a projector for her workshops.

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Nicole Clark is available for school presentations and girls group events.

(Scroll down to see a few photos from previous events)

Oct 29th- Los Angeles, Nicole presented workshops at GIRLTOPIA: the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary extravaganza.

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    Also Available For Events/Talk-Shows: The Dynamic Panel Of Women Of Cover Girl Culture!

    UNC Charlotte: Women’s and Gender Studies

    University of North CarolinaWe had about 225 people attend the event.People we very excited about the message in the video.”

    Coral Wayland, director of Women’s & Gender Studies, UNCWe had a great showing for the film, and many grateful parents and girls who stayed after for a discussion“. – Michelle Icard, founder of Athena’s

    Agape Screening Event
    Civic Screening