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Workshop for Women

Wondrous Women: Similar format to the workshop for educators but with a focus on key action steps women can take to restore their self-esteem and develop healthy body image. Girls are not the only ones who struggle with body image. Grown-up girls need help too. Many women never learned tools to build healthy body image at a young age and have struggled into their adulthood with the negative, unrealistic messages most media bombards them with on a daily basis.  Length can be 60 mins to 120 mins (with Q&A).

Key highlights from her workshop include:

• Body image – what is it? Where do you get it? Who shapes it?

• Learn the truth behind the size zero ‘ideal.’

• Discover and build your ‘super-power.’

• How advertisers and many fashion magazines seek to undermine your self-esteem.

• Learn ways to transmute negative self-talk into empowering truths.

• Nicole will also share some startling experiences from her days modeling.

Please contact Nicole if you wish to be notified of future events.

Nicole Clark, former Elite model turned champion for girls and women’s self-esteem is leading an exclusive workshop to help women. Join Nicole for her women-only workshop on body image, self-esteem and media literacy. Nicole is an award-winning filmmaker of “Cover Girl Culture”, advisory board member of the Parent’s Television Council, contributor for Maria Shriver .com and workshop presenter. She has appeared on CNN national news, Fox News, CNN The Joy Behar Show, CTV Canada AM as well as several radio shows.


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