Cover Girl Culture


Champions for the cause

Ally Sheedy
‘I met Nicole when we were both at the Women’s International Film Festival. I am thrilled with her work on this documentary and came on board as an associate producer. I am also working on her next documentary, ‘Taking Me out of Media’.I feel CGC is a very important and educational film. I have a 14 year old daughter and am concerned about the effects of the images in the media on her developing sense of herself. Being an actress, I have been in the eye of the storm on this issue dealing with the pressures to conform to these images. I have spent a lot of my life trying to look like the impossible images put out there in order to work in Hollywood. And then in fighting against these same dictates because they are so harmful to the girls in the audiences as well as to my own sense of ethics and self-esteem.
I identify with Nicole because she has also been an “insider” in the modeling world and has also rejected furthering these images. I believe CGC can teach young women to take a more objective look at what they are being taught to think about themselves by the media and, perhaps for the first time, to question it’.
Lisa Nichols
“This film is a powerful necessity to help reclaim the innocence of our youth, it is a MUST SEE!”
Mariel Hemingway
“Cover Girl Culture is a hugely important piece for young girls everywhere. It addresses the very core of most women’s obsession. It helps us understand why it is so imperative to guide our girls towards a healthy appreciation for the unique and beautiful aspects of themselves as individuals, not as cookie-cutter cut outs of someone they are not and never should be. Believing in yourself for a young girl has a profound impact on their future.
This documentary helps girls know they are not alone in their feelings of inadequacy based on the media’s focus and most importantly that they are beautiful because they are uniquely themselves”.
Jean Kilbourne
“A fascinating look at the world of teen magazines, celebrity and advertising, and the powerful influence the media exerts on girls and young women.”

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