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~Body image issues negatively affect girls’ success in school.~

Highlight from High School Workshop

Middle School Workshop Highlights

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WORKSHOP #1:  Seeing Through the Media Matrix: 60 mins ©
For Girls in Grades 9-12 
(ages 14-18) The media is a strong presence in our lives. Nicole helps girls make sense of the images and messages bombarding them daily. Body image issues are the “#1 deterrent to girls success in schools” [Canadian Mental Health Board]. Girls learn how to DECODE ads and become Media Renegades by learning to apply critical thinking skills! Nicole’s workshop helps girls gain a better understanding of the subtle, yet powerful, manipulation the worlds of advertising, fashion, and celebrity can have on them if they let them. Nicole reveals the difference between true confidence and false confidence and discusses the truth about “size zero”. Bullying is directly linked to media and Nicole addresses this critical topic. Immunize girls against media manipulation and help them build their self-esteem muscle and critical thinking skillsInquire for pricing.

body image workshop Nicole ClarkWORKSHOP #2  How to Build Kung-Fu SELF-ESTEEM!©
For Girls in grades 5-8
  (ages 9-14)Former Elite model shares how she kept her self-esteem strong no matter what the media told her! Hi-YAH! Girls learn how to DECODE ads and build their critical thinking skills.  Nicole presents a highly interactive workshop for girls to share their feelings about body image and pressure from the media to conform. Bullying is directly linked to media and Nicole addresses this critical topic. Immunize girls against media manipulation and help them build their self-esteem muscle! Join Nicole in creating a CLEVER GIRL CULTURE! (this is the critical age)  Inquire for pricing. (workshop for boys available here) Not a martial art class.


Nicole also offers workshops for educators & parents, for women, and a new mother-daughter workshop. She is based in Los Angeles. 

Featured on Fox News, CNN, & Maria Shriver’s site.

   Student Feedback: 
“Best assembly we’ve had in 4 years!”  -students at Louisville Private Catholic school, Los Angeles.

“Hey Nicole, your presentation at my school (sacred heart) was absolutely amazing. i wanted to say thank you for helping me and my close friend. your message really spoke to us ♥ i just had to say that what you do i think is truly amazing. i couldn’t stop saying to my friends how great i think you are. you changed my life and how i see things. i really mean it when i say your amazing. thank you.  you are the greatest person i ever met”  Nov 2011

“In the six years I’ve attended La Reina this was by far the best presentation!” -Emily, 12th grade student.

BOOK NICOLE FOR YOUR SCHOOL OR EVENT! Send your request and please include: ideal date(s), location (city) and audience info (age-range).

Nicole offers several workshops on body image, self-esteem and media literacy. She has spoken to over 60,000 students across North America. She provides a projector/laptop for her workshops. Booking location must provide screen and microphone. Nicole provides activities/art projects for teachers to use post-workshop with students. Nicole encourages girls to be trail blazers instead of being mindless sheep controlled by media.

There are a variety of ways to host a workshop in your school or community.

1.     One is to cover the costs through your school/org.  (speaking fee & travel costs)

2.     Another is to share the costs with other schools (organizations) that also wish to have me speak. This method seems to be popular. (I can do up to 2 workshops a day.)  I have workshops for parents, educators and mother/daughter as well.

3.     A third method is to find a sponsor through the PTA, or in the community, such as Kiwanis Club, Knight’s of Columbus, a bank or business that helps youth in your community.

“Thank you Nicole for speaking to our school. It helped me through my own troubles of comparing myself to the models in ads!”  – Morgan Lyndsey MacKay  May 2012
“You are the most inspiring person i have ever met! Nicole has completely changed my life forever. Nicole you have no idea how much that meant to me. I want to help young teens too.  Nicole she is amazing. we need a change in media perspective. i cant thank you enough Nicole. media watch out here we come!”  – Paige Creasor, 12 yrs old May 2012
 “You came to my school before Christmas. And I am very grateful that you came. I have an eating disorder and had not really noticed until you came and spoke at my school. I had kept my feelings to myself pretending that my new diet wasn’t a bad thing. When you came and talked about how girls try and change to look like people in magazines and on tv, I recognized myself in that group of people. Eventually my friend got me to tell people and I’m currently working on getting rid of the disorder. I am so happy that you came to my school it has helped me so so much!”  Thank you again, Evelyn!  Grade 8

Self-esteem & media literacy workshop Workshops April-May 2012

Girls workshops on media literacy and body image.Girl Scouts connect with Nicole after her workshop Jan 2012.

Oct 2011 Los Angeles, Nicole presented workshops at GIRLTOPIA: the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary event. Nicole was a Girl Guide in Canada.

Nicole Clark speaker presenter on body image.

Experts from Cover Girl Culture
Also Available For Events/Talk-Shows: The Dynamic Panel Of Women Of Cover Girl Culture!
UNC Charlotte: Women’s and Gender StudiesUniversity of North CarolinaWe had about 225 people attend the event.People we very excited about the message in the video.”- Coral Waylanddirector of Women’s & Gender Studies, UNCWe had a great showing for the film, and many grateful parents and girls who stayed after for a discussion“. – Michelle Icard, founder of Athena’s
Civic Screening